Content Marketing Intern

Email colm@cadoo.io with your resume to apply!
Cadoo is an app which allows people to bet on their fitness goals.
Get fit by betting on your progress, back this up with verifiable workouts, join public challenges or create your own.
Our Traction to date:
  • 30K + Users
  • $5M + Bet in challenges
  • Over 1M + push-ups done on Cadoo!
We are looking for someone to embody our “Intense Brand” and create content which embodies our company's mission statement.
You are someone who:
  • Is not camera shy, and would be excited to create videos embodying and becoming a face of our brand.
  • Has experience directing and creating content along with using editing software.
  • Is interested in measuring and optimizing key marketing metrics such as ROAS, CAC, and Conversion rates
  • Is a clear communicator
The Internship Itinerary:
  • 9 week internship starting July 10th
  • Optional 1 week in person in San Francisco at the end of the internship
  • $5K compensation for those nine weeks along with living + flights paid for in San Francisco for one week
What you’d be working on:
  • Consistently working on producing content which showcases our brand and new features
  • Managing and running all company social media
  • Engaging and interacting with our user community via Reddit, Facebook Groups, and In-App
Let us know if you have any questions. If you don’t think you are qualified, apply anyways! You might be surprised at what happens.