Backend Engineer

Life at Cadoo:

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Cadoo's Mission 🚀

To create the most motivating platform where one can challenge themselves to reach their goals on the internet. Doing so with financial incentives, gamification, and social incentives.

The role:

  • Building and owning features off of our sprint timeline
  • Working with users + customer support to put out fires and solve issues fast
  • Planning sprints, and being creative when solving problems

You are someone who:

  • Takes extreme ownership of your responsibilities
  • Aligns with our mission statement and is excited to build the future of accountability
  • A great communicator who works well in a remote environment

Why we are hiring for this role:

We are having trouble putting out fires as well as building product, and need a talented backend engineer to help us move faster.
If you are the type of person who eventually wants to start their own company, we think you'd be a great fit at Cadoo! If your largest ambition is to build something of your own, Cadoo is a great support network.